Paid search click-through-rate (CTR) is rising, particularly on mobile devices

Another trend that was identified was that of rising CTRs on paid search ads, especially on mobile. Rising CTRs are a measure of the robustness of paid search, and an indicator that advertisers are continuing to get value from the channel.

Steady growth in global search ad spend

In line with the recently reported YoY growth in search ad spend, our research revealed ad spend growth across the three major english speaking markets. In our sample of over 5.5 million search terms, global ad spend increased 10.4% in 2017 (YoY).

Advertisers shift focus to mobile in high CPC categories

Study also revealed that especially in high CPC categories, such as Finance or Automotive, advertisers invests less than the search industry average in desktop search. It suggests that advertisers may be looking for better opportunities in mobile search as the competition reaches a point of saturation on desktop. Such advertisers may be able to generate better Return on Ad Spend in with search ads that are optimized for mobile devices.

Opportunity for challenger advertisers in Retail and Travel

The difference in average cost-per-click value in keyword diverse verticals such as retail and travel, between top and bottom-of-page ad positions is less than the industry average. In the UK market especially, there is surprisingly little range in cost-per-click. These conditions favor challenger brands and disruptors who are often in a position to absorb higher CPCs, and benefit from an increased ad spend investment in order to improve search performance. The flip side of such changes would be a heightened priority among the more established brands to protect existing search presence.

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