Tera Ghar Vs Mera Ghar

There are so many emotions and feelings that go into doing up your home and you make all efforts to make sure your home is your world of dreams. Still there is that one favorite corner which is close to heart; a place where you can be yourself and simply adore!!

With this thought in mind Somany presented “Tera Ghar Vs Mera Ghar” contest on the official Somany Ceramics Facebook Page.

Hosting an online social media contest have set focus on increasing brand awareness, engaging fan base, introducing a new product or capturing new leads for future sales. Making use of the hype and excitement surrounding to the contest has begin to build our community.

“Tera Ghar Vs Mera Ghar ” contest was hosted on the official Somany Ceramics Facebook Page. The contest was to show the world your best designed corner of your house by sharing a photo and small write-up on the concept or reason behind designing up that corner. Contest was live for one month. By submitting an entry, each contestant agrees to the rules of the contest.

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