Personality Test App

Revealing My Personality

The idea of creating the app came from the TV Commercial Aapka Style Somany Style; one of the most quirkiest ad in tile industry ever. Keeping in mind the large number of audience are engaged with app on Facebook, the app was launched during the campaign and was actively promoted for a week.

This online app on Somany Ceramics Official Facebook page that reveals tiles that suits to your personality based on the likes.

Keeping in mind the user’s data security, you are asked to login via Facebook. The app collects only Profile name and Email id.

Once you’ve logged in to your Facebook account, through Somany Ceramics Facebook page or via link, you will be directed to the app and then you can take the personality test. Once the test is complete, you can share the results on your timeline and invite your friends to take the test.

Facebook Personality Test App
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