Facebook Lead Generation Campaign 2019-20 (Water Heaters)

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign 2019-20 (Water Heaters) | Duration: Nov’19 – Feb’2020


833 Results On-Facebook Leads | ₹51.69 Cost per Result | 0.14%Result Rate

273,792 Reach | 603,188 Impressions | 2.20 Frequency (cumulative) | ₹157.28 Cost per 1,000 People Reached


Ad delivery was optimized to allocate budget to placements likely to perform best on Facebook and Instagram Feeds with our audience, based on targeting and bid amount.


All Women: 2% ( 16 ) [B]; 4% ( 10,752 ) [G] | ₹ 66.37 Cost per Result

All Men: 98% ( 816 ) [B]; 96% ( 262,848 ) [G] | ₹ 51.45 Cost per Result


Audience Saturation

What am I seeing? This chart helps explain the relationship between your cost and the audience you’re reaching.

What will this help me do? Determine if a decline in performance is linked to audience saturation.

How do I use it? If your ads are no longer reaching new people and costs are increasing, this may be linked to ad fatigue. If results are declining and audience saturation is high, it may be time to expand your audience.

Frequency (Lifetime) 2.20

First Time Impression Ratio 45.39%

Auction Overlap

Auction overlap happens when your ad set targets part of the same audience as a different ad set in your account. When this happens, we prioritize the more competitive ad set to enter the auction so that you’re not bidding against yourself. Ad sets with high auction overlap may under-deliver because they have fewer opportunities to win auctions and be shown.

Auction Overlap Rate 2.72%

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