Bridging The Gap Between Marketing and Technology
Creative Thinking
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How I work


The idea


Using innovation plan to maximize the creativity of the ideas generated and ensuring that the best ideas are implemented.

Mock up


Using marketing data to focus on the needs and wants of customers in order to develop marketing strategies that not only satisfy the needs of the customers but also the accomplish the goals of the organization.

Data Processing & Analysis

Analysis of data represents the application of logic to the understanding of data collected about the subject.

Formulating Conclusion & Presenting the Report

Presenting technically accurate, understandable and useful reports.

Really impressed with how fast Vivek has picked up the new topics and applied his experience. He has a sound knowledge on UI/UX , Google Analytics, and DTM.

- Varun Joshi

Team Leader - Big Data @ LG Electronics India
Vivek is a thorough professional and a great team man. His passion for technology and digital marketing makes him stand apart .He is an asset to the team and always supports whenever required !!

- Pulkit Mathur

Part Leader - Digital Marketing @ LG Electronics India
Vivek is an exceptional professional who has a sharp eye for detail and exceptional skills in website analytics and UI/UX. Working alongside Vivek, I've witnessed his dedication, reliability, and ability to thrive under pressure. His technical expertise, creativity, and professionalism make him an invaluable asset to our team. Vivek is a true team player and his charming face always brings a positive spirit to every project.

- Atul Bawa

Digital Marketing Manager @ LG Electronics India
I have had the pleasure of working with Vivek for the past year and I can confidently say that he is a highly skilled and knowledgeable marketer. He has a keen eye for detail and a talent for identifying areas of improvement in marketing efforts. Vivek is also a great team player and collaborator. He is always willing to lend his expertise and work closely with his colleagues to achieve shared goals. He is a pleasure to work with and brings a positive attitude. I highly recommend Vivek to any organization in need of a talented and experienced marketer.

- Rajeev Munjal

Head SEO @ Adlift Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Vivek is a tremendous hard working and an intelligent resource. I have seen him grow and increase his skills sets over the time. Vivek is a an amazing digital marketer and understand the digital jargon pretty well. He is also very eager to experiment new things and open to new ideas always. I wish him all the best and want him to maintain the attitude of being hungry for new things and learnings.

- Kuldeep Chaudhary

I worked with Vivek Malhotra closely in Somany Ceramics Limited, where he was in Media planning and buying and I was his liaison in digital ad operations. We did some really amazing and successful campaigns together during my time at Somany Ceramics. His enthusiasm for acquiring and sharing knowledge is an inspiration. He is approachable, personable and is well versed with the intricacies of digital marketing and transformation. We had a lot of challenges on our plate but when everyone was fretting over a problem, Vivek focused on finding a solution and always brought a fresh perspective to the discussion table. Vivek is very passionate about what he does and his level of professionalism is commendable. I would highly recommend working with him, you will not be disappointed.

Vivek Gupta

Head of Marketing @ Somany Ceramics
Vivek is a highly sincere and dedicated colleague to work with. His intelligence and smartness has helped me and my company to deliver innovative campaigns successfully. I always appreciate his thrive to do something different in digital everytime.

- Shivalika Anand

International Sales Director (DigitalEast GmbH)
Smart Man with Smart Skills and a great Asset for any company, He knows what he is doing and sure about what the results will be, Good Human Being and a great Team Player.

- Harsh Khanna

Placement Officer at IIM Bodh Gaya
I worked with Vivek in a cross-functional team setting at Somany Ceramics during 2013-14. During my tenure, Vivek was spearheading the website revamp & digital initiatives at Somany Ceramics. He completely revamped the Somany Ceramics corporate Website, made it highly user friendly and gave it a much desired premium look. He brings to the table innovative and out of the box thinking and capabilities to work with cross functional teams. Besides his functional expertise, Vivek also brings to the table good human qualities necessary to form humble and high performing teams. I wish Vivek all the success in his future career endeavors.

- Rishabh Ratna

(CEO) Cognitive, Experimental, Optimistic this is my take on Vivek. Always keen to learn and always curious. Overall ocean of knowledge to be benefited from. My Best Wishes.

Vikas Shukla

Branding Manager @ Somany Ceramics
Vivek is best in digital marketing, web analysis, website development & design. He is also very good with Google web analysis tools.

- Zakier Ali

Creative / 3D Graphic Designer
Vivek is a very talented person. He has great knowledge of e-marketing tools. Not just as a professional but also as an individual he enjoys great reputation among colleagues and seniors. He is surely going to make his mark in the field digital marketing.

- Bhavna Thakur

Vivek is a diligent & a responsible employee. Completes the task as per the schedules & always tries to think out of the box to deliver best results. With all his efforts & hard work am sure he is going to reach the zenith of his career soon.

- Shruti Lakhanpal

When I think of digital, he is the specialist a very carm and jovial individual who works effectively and sincere asset for any organization.

- Laurencce Fernandess

Vivek is truly a marketing hustler, who has the thirst to explore new technologies. He has the capability to understand a product or service and is even ready with new strategies to extract maximum juice out of it. Talking about interpersonal skills, he is true a gentleman. Working closely with has been an awesome ride.

Arshan Hasan

Business Development Manager @ iZooto
Working with Vivek is a real pleasure. His focus and eagerness to bring in solutions make him stand out from the crowd. Full of positive energy and solution-oriented approach. His knowledge and skills of new technologies are always up to date and absolutely relevant.

Sumit Srivastava

Business Head @ Trnsform Business Solutions

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An innovative marketing professional offering vast experience leveraging software engineering and digital marketing.


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